My basses have given me great satisfaction knowing they have been lovingly cared for, however with Lonnie's passing I can not maintain the large collection of basses we once owned. 
The remaining basses are being offered for sale "as is". I have always been attracted to the very early manufactured plywood basses and have  basses from 1937 through 1959.

Please contact me at and I will guide you through the process of choosing a workhorse of an 
upright bass.  
Payment:  I accept Pay Pal with a 3% service fee,  USPS money order or cash.

Shipping Information -

Domestic Shipping (lower 48):  

I will ship a bass by private courier in our professional quality flight case.  This is white glove, door to door service with live GPS tracking or personal communication with the courier while the bass is in transit. Estimated shipping costs are $250 - $475 depending on distance and delivery location.  You will pay actual shipping cost to receive the bass.    

Note:  I can ship a bass for less money by Greyhound Bus; however you assume the risk the bass could be lost, damaged or take a very long time to arrive.  Greyhound Bus is the least expensive way to ship a bass across the USA.  They offer very little insurance and no tracking.  I had a bad experience with Greyhound Bus in 2009, since this experience I began to use independent, private couriers for all my shipping. Shipping decisions can be made at time of purchase.

International Shipping:

I can NOT ship a bass internationally as of 8/2012.  

This change is directly related to the enforcement of the Lacey Act to protect exotic plants and wild life. If you are not familiar with the Lacey Act please read more about it here.  

I apologize for this change. If the law becomes amended to the point where I can safely ship internationally I will resume shipping at some point in the future.

I have an inventory of basses that are not restored are for sale.  Please contact me for a listing.

It is import for me to place my basses with players who will play the bass and make wonderful music.  The relationship between the player and bass is very special…I want you to enjoy the journey.
Thank you for visiting the is the latest video of my collection.    

If there is something special you are looking for please contact me. I have American Standard, King Mortone, Kay’s and Epiphone basses that remain in my collection and are for sale.  
1953 American Standard #1858
For sale: $4800
Name: Tenbrook


1941 Gibson B-135
For sale: $7200
Name: Mother Maybelle

1936 King Mortone #552
Name: Liza Jane

1940 Epiphone B5 #326
For sale: $1800
Name: Jesse